• Aera Devices, Inc.

  • A team at UC Berkeley aiming to develop devices that will help alleviate the severe symptoms associated with the most prevalent chronic diseases in the world.

    Our Current Project

    Tackling Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease through an early-detection, non-invasive device with the hope of catching onset of disease early. Through early detection, patients can receive better treatments that can help prevent the progression of disease and onset of debilitating symptoms

    Now Seeking New Team Members!

    If you or someone you know has experience with bioengineering, has expertise in developing medical devices, or is passionate about developing devices to improve quality of life for those suffering from chronic diseases please contact us using the form below! We are looking to bring on new members to help accelerate the advancement of this project and our company, and you could be a part of Aera Devices! 

  • People behind this project

    University of California, Berkeley

    Sponsored by Catalyst@Berkeley & FreeUniversity

    Gautam Machiraju



    Gautam is currently studying Applied Mathematics and Bioengineering at UC Berkeley. He provides the team with experience in data analysis and biodesign. He is Interested in the interface between mathematics, biology, and CS — and hopes to pursue a career in genetic sequencing.

    Sara Kianian


    Sara is currently studying Molecular and Cell Biology: Infectious Diseases and Applied Linguistics. She provides a variety of experience regarding biological assays and research, as well as knowledge of the health care field through her many interactions and internships with doctors of varied fields— and hopes to merge innovative technologies into the health care system while bringing back into the patient-doctor interaction.

  • Partners

    FreeUniversity @ Berkeley


    Partner Organization with Free Ventures


  • Questions & Comments

    Your opinion is important to us. Please feel free to fill out our form for general comments, or to apply for a position to work with our team and we will respond shortly!